Wine-Explorer.ch is the venture of T&T Gourmet Factory GmbH. The project is the reaction to the often closed and conservative wine industry. Initially planned only for wine, but expanded to other products like spirits and food.

Our goal is the marketing and distribution of wine, beer, and spirits primarily from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Greece, Macedonia, Georgia, and other countries. We work directly with a select number of committed producers who are dedicated to making quality wines, spirits and food products.

So, look around. We hope that information you find here will give you a good idea of what we are about.

Sharing the passion for wine 

For wine lovers, it is always a pleasure to get to know new wines.

During our many travels to the various wine regions, we discovered amazing wines that are much more than just the regular wine Brands that aim for standardization.

Unfortunately, these wines cannot be found in Switzerland and we want to share our passion for these wines with you, so we created Wine Explorer.

©Photo Martin Candir

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