This rakija is produced with special attention. From the best plum varieties (“Požegača”, “Trnovača” and “Crvena Ranka”) suitable for the production of rakija. Its aroma reminds a lot of the best French cognacs. It may be served equally good the way cognac is served (slightly warmed), the way rakija (brandy) is served, and also the way vodka is served (in chilled glasses).

It is characterized by the rich, intense aroma of fruit, harmonic fruit taste, and a long oak-dominated aftertaste. This rakia, just like all other products of Zaric, is produced with a cutting age, state of the art technology combined with a lot of professional know-how. It would perfectly fit smoked ham, rich salads, grilled vegetables as well as nuts (almond, walnut).

Plum brandy.

42% alcohol / volume

Distillery Zaric

"Kraljica" Is the only Serbian Rakija brand with a PROTECTED GEOGRAPHIC ORIGIN, which means full control of the production process starting from the fruit and ending with the final product. It is produced In accordance with the protected production technology cherishing the old fame of "Povlena“, the first plum-made brandy in former Yugoslavia with the mark of a geographic origin in Kosjerić fruit growing area.

Rich and sophisticated fragrance of real fruit dominate the taste of this brandy, which is harmonious and with a final touch of pure oak flavor. One may drink "Kraljica" on all occasions, and usually as an aperitif. It is served at room temperature or cooled down to cellar temperature at the maximum when it releases its full and rich flavor.

This miraculous Rakija, having its royal name for a reason, owes its quality to an extraordinary climate In which plums are grown at the altitude between 500 and 900 meters above sea level and in the ecological Plum plantation. The plantations bring the top quality fruits of "Požegača", "Trnovača" and "Crvena Ranka" cultivars, harvested at the point of their highest ripeness. In its development from the branch to a glass, the Plum-Brandy "Kraljica" passes the process we call "development from a tortured to a noble entity".


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