This is a very rare of its kind quince rakia, aged in oak barrels. It has a very strong, dominating aroma and a flavor of the fruit combined with a very gentle touch coming from the aging in oak barrels. It is characterized by its expressive aroma, delicate flavor, and harmonic medium-long aftertaste. This rakia, just like all other products of Zaric, is produced with a cutting age, state of the art technology combined with a lot of professional know-how.  It fits perfectly with aged, elegant cheese, especially goat cheese as well as olives.

Quince brandy.

40% alcohol / volume

Distillery Zaric


Quince Is a very aromatic fruit used for the production of rakija (brandy) of an extraordinary flavour, as well as highly respected fruit since it is not grown extensively thus the production of this rakija (brandy) is a real challenge. Quince is considered to be a symbol of love, fertility and beauty, and in antic legends it is mentioned as a fruit which the gods used to tell fortune.

Our quince rakija (brandy) called "Nostalgija" is produced from ripe, sweet and aromatic fruits. One litre of rakija (brandy) is produced from 16 Kg of this fruit. Quince has a low content of sugar and it should be left on a tree as long as possible until it is fully ripe, or even mildly ripe.

Selected and sufficiently ripe fruits with a higher content of sugar are used in the production process. Fruit chops are further chopped by a mill and as such, with the addition of yeast strain selection enter the process of the controlled fermentation. The distillation process starts immediately after fermentation to preserve the natural flavour. The obtained distillate is even by 70% strong and it is gradually brought to the desired strength of 40 Vol.%.


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