Botanic Garden Amaro is a well-balanced bitter liqueur made by the best Italian tradition, by maceration of 33 different types of herbs, spices, flowers, citrus peel, and tree bark. Rich, irresistible with strong character. Complex, natural elegance and warmth. It is a wonderful concert of sensations in which rhubarb, gentian, and cinchona stand out.

Although at the time of great popularity of cocktails, Amaro got its new role, we recommend that you try it neat – as a digestif after a good dinner, on ice with slice of orange. This is how it was served in the time of ancient Rome, so let’s respect the tradition.


Amaro is a liqueur whose roots date back to ancient Rome, when apothecaries flavored alcohol with different types of medicinal herbs, fruits and of course sugar - in order to obtain miraculous drinks whose bitterness was proven to improve digestion after a large meal. They called it Amaro, which means bitter in Italian. Amaro, Botanic Garden is created by the maceration of 33 different plants, spices, flowers, citrus peels and tree bark - which are soaked in alcohol for days, in order to extract the desired aromatic ingredients from them. At the end of the process, sugar is added to balance the fascinating mix of bitter flavors.

Size 0.7 liters


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