CU 2018

CU 2018


Wine with intensive rosé – copper color, created in the traditional ramato style, when the Pino Grigo is aged for some time with the skin of the grapes. With an unusual aroma dominated by aromas of pears cooked in wine, ripe wild plums (ringlov), and red apples. This wine offers a completely different experience of the variety. In the mouth, juicy, developed, and soft, with a gentle bite of light tannins, it evokes notes of green walnuts, table fruit, and ripe currants, with a long finish that brings a spicy touch to the palate.

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  • WINERY: Bikicki
  • COUNTRY: Serbia
  • APPELLATION: Fruska Gora (Alma Mons)
  • TYPE OF WINE: Dry orange (amber) wine
  • VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 100% Burgundac Sivi 
  • PRODUCTION: Organic & Natural
  • SOIL: Cambisol and vertisol with a little bit of marl
  • MACERATION & AGING: 3 days maceration, spontaneous, natural yeast, 6 months in Hungarian oak
  • VINTAGE: 2018
  • ALCOHOL: 12.7%
  • PRODUCTION: 2008 bottles
  • 0.75 l
  • Contains sulfites


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