VALLE 2022

VALLE 2022


Valle is a youthful blend of Malvazija Istriana and Sauvignon Blanc. Deep golden color, aromatic and young, with abundant aromatic flavors of green peppers and elderflower, also a few notes of tropical fruit. Sauvignon Blanc dominates the blend in a nice way giving it the flavors of grass, elderflower, lemon, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple but also a touch of tropic fruits such as passion fruit. One will easily feel stone and dried herbs intertwined with a lot of freshness.
It is dry on the palate, with moderate acidity levels. There is a touch of saltiness. Very pleasant, vibrant, and drinkable. It shell also superbly accompany asparagus and salads. Very beautiful and long finish.

  • WINERY: Kozlović
  • COUNTRY: Croatia
  • TYPE OF WINE: Dry white wine
  • VARIETAL COMPOSITION: 80% Malvazija Istriana, 20% Sauvignon blanc 
  • PRODUCTION: Organic 
  • SOIL:  flysch, limestone, clay
  • MACERATION & AGING: manual selection of grapes, cryomaceration 12-24 h, pressing, fermentation, inox 5 months
  • VINTAGE: 2022
  • ALCOHOL: 12.0%
  • 0.75 l
  • Contains sulfites


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