We have a passion for wine, and our goal is to help you discover the fantastic world of wine.

Wine trends can be tricky to predict. We would like to see people become more adventurous with their wine choices, expand out of their comfort zone, and trust us, Wine Explorer, to recommend amazing wines the same way they would trust any other specialist.

Whether you are an experienced wine drinker or just exploring, we hope you get to try something you otherwise would never have picked up, but it turns out to be amazing!

People like change! People don’t want the same wines all the time!

Let’s start exploring the amazing wine world!



A wine adventure

Indigenous and International grapes

Expression of terroir

Taste something different

10% off for re-purchase of wines from the box

69 CHF/month


Rare and hidden gems

Limited production

Hard to find, impossible to forget wines

Wines to be discovered

20% off for re-purchase of wines from the box

129 CHF/month

Our boxes

Have you got a thirst for curiosity? Wine Explorer offers you a curated box.

Check it out!



3 bottles of wine

The wines we’ve curated for the month

Indigenous grape varieties 

Wines from international varieties and their expression of terroir from unknown and emerging wine countries

Rare and hidden gems

Wines from historic and emerging wine regions



Tasting notes

Recipe pairings

Exploration of a monthly theme

Interesting stories

Sneak-peak of next month theme

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